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Voltage Converter 12V-5V MC34063
Main thumb Currently, voltage inverters are used almost everywhere and very often replace traditional linear regulators, which for high output currents, gives a significant energy loss. Circuit described here is a simple Step-Down converter (12V to 5V) built based on the popular and inexpensive chip MC34063. The device is designed to work with 12V car installation, and can be used to charge/power GPS or mobile phones equipped with USB slot. In idle state the circuit is completely switched off and in normal operating conditions it can be automatically turn off when there are no power consumption at the output. The converter can be turn on, by a monostable switch, when load is connected to its output .
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Making Printed Circuit Boards
December 22, 2008 Others
This article explain how to easily, at home make a PCB without using of advanced equipment and without wasting a lot of time. The quality of the boards, made in this way ensures the proper functioning of the circuits and eliminates bugs occurs during redrawing PCB from the drawing to the laminate using a marker.
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Universal Minithermometer
October 11, 2011 Measuring Circuits
Main thumb This is 2-channel thermometer, which can measure temperature between -50.0 and +99.9 Celsius degree. Circuit is prepare to measure temperature inside and outside, but It can be also used in other applications. After the change of the source code it can be used as simple thermostat or more complex temperature controller. Device was build on the basis of popular digital temperature sensor DS18B20 and microcontroller ATTiny2313. Thanks to that this universal mini thermometer is much simpler to do and much smaller. All its parts were placed under LED display.
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Mirley.net is already running!
July 09, 2014
New website was started and you can test it. As you can see many things should be done. It is time to complete content of the existing articles and add a new ones. In the meantime the new versions of the articles from the old website will be added. If you have any remark feel free to write it in this topic.
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Alternating Current Theory
February 11, 2008 Theoretical Issues
Calculation and analysis presented here are used to resolve AC circuits in steady state. Waveforms present in this circuits are sinusoidal of the same frequency and may differ only by phase shift.
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May 14, 2018
Analog fan speed controler was presented...
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March 20, 2018
Simple power supply - coming soon

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