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July 09, 2014
New website was started and you can test it. As you can see many things should be done. It is time to complete content of the existing articles and add a new ones. In the meantime the new versions of the articles from the old website will be added. If you have any remark feel free to write it in this topic.

What is New:

  • Static webpage – There are no PHP scripts (it cost me too much nervous till now). From now one there will be just HTML files except few Java scripts.
  • Comments - comments was added thanks to DISQUS platform. This platform makes that management is much easier. This is benefit for me and for users which doesn't need to create special account. Everyone can log in by Google, Facebook, Twitter or DISQUS account. In the other hand we avoid problems with database on the server and avoid problems with security of the accounts.
  • Languages – there is possibility to switch language on webpage. From now the articles will be written in Polish and English version (I hope so). If anyone writes in foreign forums I will be grateful if you place link to one of my articles from time to time.
  • Contest list – in the top menu the link to the contents of the website was added. Now is possible to find articles in alphabetical order.
  • Datasheets – in the left menu you can find link to the Datasheets. You can find there a short descriptions for every components used in my projects, and pictures of them. It should bye helpful especially with mechanical parts to its easier identification.
  • Side menu – in the pages with description of particular articles and projects the side menu is available . This menu consist the table of contents of the article or project and few navigation buttons. Thanks to this, the navigation on the website becomes easier. Users can fluently go straight to the comments or attachments. Side menu can be easily close and open if necessary. For open this menu there is special button below the language option.
  • Partlist – list consist all elements used in project is hidden by default. It can be open by clicking button „+” . On the right, beside element there are links to datesheet or pictures, if those elements are previously defined.
  • Attachments - Almost every item on the list has preview. It is available by clicking button on the left. PCBs descriptions was improved - there was common problem with their identification.
  • Mathematical formulas – All formulas are compiled on the stage sending website to the server and are shown as graphic file. There should be no problems with properly displaying of the equations.

Future Plans:

  • Content - Content of the website will be changing from day to day - you will see in the future. There will be many articles and improved versions of old projects in the near future
  • Information about Parts – informations about electronic parts and pictures of them will be constantly added. By now there is only a few datasheets and sample pictures, but it will be extended soon.
  • Content list – in the future it may be need to add some kind of search engine for articles or/and split them by category.
  • Purchase of the Parts – Probably in near future it will be possibility to buy sets of the elements related with specific project, especially if the elements are unusual.
  • PDF – Articles in PDF version could be helpful in the future – option for regular users.

Questions and Comments:

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