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Terms of Website

1. General Provisions

  • This regulations applies to rules for the use of my website http://mirley.net
  • Terms of concerns of visitors to my site
  • All information and content including any software programs available on the site are protected by copyright
  • You may not modify, copy, distribute, publish, sell, or use any of the content available on the website for any purpose other than personal use
  • The website owner (Administrator) shall have no liability for content contained on the website, but makes every effort to their highest level
  • Documentation are included on this website for educational purposes only and are available for free

2. Registration

  • There is no possibility of setting up user accounts in the current version of the site
  • All files can be downloaded without giving any passwords
  • The comments has been ported to Disqus, so if you want to write comments you may login to your Google Account or Facebook etc.

3. Content

  • Placing material that would violate the law is strictly prohibited
  • It is forbidden to post notices having the nature of advertising or spam
  • The user sending a message bears full legal responsibility for the content contained within
  • All other questions not related to electronics or proposals for new projects to be sent using the e-mail
  • The administrator has the right to delete messages, change the theme, layout, content, etc.
  • When writing messages is not allowed:
    • writing identical questions in several places
    • writing comments giving nothing to discussion such as: "Thanks, I'll check tomorrow because now I have no time"
    • writing messages not related with the subject
    • posting one after another without waiting for an answer
    • persecution, insult, ridicule other users, using vulgar words
    • notorious commit spelling errors
  • Before writing new questions for the project the user is required to read previous questions and answers, and the whole body of the article. Another question about the same thing will not be welcome

4. Changes of the Rules

  • I reserve the right to revise these Rules. The changes in the rules will be reported to date
  • Any changes to the Rules of the discussion forum service and shall enter into force on the date of publication

July 19, 2018
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Triac Module was presented...
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