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My name is Mirosław Firlej and I'm interested in electronics since I was a young. In 2005 I graduate high school in Żywiec.

In 2010 I graduate AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Faculty of Phisics and Applied Computer Science - Technical Phisics (specialization: Nuclear Physics). At University I had my first contact with the nuclear electronics and I was design my first ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) in AMS 0.35 um technology. This design was also the topic of my master thesis.

In 2015 I graduate Interdisciplinary Doctoral Studies "Advanced Materials for Modern Technologies and Future Power Industry". I work with Nuclear Electronics and Radiation Detection Group in Department of Particle Interaction and Detection Techniques. My main tasks are: designs, simulations and tests of integrated circuits in submicron CMOS technologies (130 nm and 65 nm).

In my spare time I have been designing and building various electronic circuits for application in apartment, house or garden.

Scientific Publications:

  • M. Firlej, T. Fiutowski, M. Idzik, J. Moroń, K. Świentek, A wide range ultra-low power Phase-Locked Loop with automatic frequency setting in 130 nm CMOS technology for data serialisation, Journal of Instrumentation, JINST 10 P12015, December 2015
  • M. Firlej, T. Fiutowski, M. Idzik, S. Kulis, J. Moroń, K. Świentek, A fast, ultra-low and frequency-scalable power consumption, 10-bit SAR ADC for particle physics detectors, Journal of Instrumentation, JINST 10 P11012, November 2015
  • M. Firlej, T. Fiutowski, M. Idzik, J. Moroń, K. Świentek, P. Terlecki, Development of front-end electronics for LumiCal detector in CMOS 130 nm technology, Journal of Instrumentation, JINST 10 C01018, January 2015
Older publications:

Hobby Publications (in polish):

  • Kieszonkowy licznik Geigera, Elektronika Praktyczna, 05/2014
  • Przetwornice 12V - 5V z MC34063 i LM2576T, Elektronika dla Wszystkich, 02/2014
  • Miernik panelowy do zasilacza symetrycznego, Elektronika Praktyczna, 09/2013
  • Monofoniczny wskaźnik wysterowania, Elektronika dla Wszystkich, 08/2013
  • Analogowy regulator obrotów wentylatora, Elektronika dla Wszystkich, 04/2013
Older publications:

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